A review of the compilation “Dimmorna Skingras Vol. 2” LP

A review from INVISIBLE GUY – Various – Dimmorna Skingras Vol. 2 – LP (Pike Records)
The Bristles appear with 2 songs!

“Side B
“The Bristles
Welcome back, this time we disseminate The Bristles and their first song Checkpoint Sweden. Starting with the final words from the Kurtz report and then blasting into catchy but venomous punk, with emphasis on great vocals and nice riffing. Almost a bit old school sounding here too, the only word you have to know is: “Checkpoint Sweden!“, which is being shouted into your ear almost as a mantra. This also makes it into a little bit of sing-a-long punk but instead of cheesy riffs and uneasy drumming it’s precision stacked turbulence within a total punk avalanche. Great song, side B couldn’t have started any better.

Continuing with their second song A prayer for the employer which almost has some Oi!-influences in them. I’m especially thinking of the working class lyrics, the vocals and the sinister riffing in this one. The difference is noticeable and the song is really well-balanced but still hits for your throat. I fucking like these punk-songs that are filled with attitude and where you actually (almost) can hear what they are singing without having to decode it through searching for lyrics or the likes of it. “Too good to even talk to us“, wow, this line surely applies to more than the song is about and it’s filled with truth that even the deniers can’t deny. I’m amazed by these songs.”


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