Review from Plastic Bomb

Review from Plastic Bomb – Translated from German to English

 BRISTLES – bigger than punk LP/CD

The band has been around since the ’80s. At that time, the Swedes were among others on the compilation “We do not need nuclear force”. Eventually, the end came, and then ten years later, the Reunion. The band sounds different today, however, but still remains true to Quick-fix punk rock ever since. “Bigger than punk”, with its somewhat ridiculous water gun on the cover, although optically losing, but both musically and lyrically winning. The lyrics are extremely critical and political, in the style of the 80s. Against chauvinism, about the lie of the American Dream, drug abuse, against sex tourism in Asia (Sex Pistols “A cheap holiday in other peoples misery”) and so on. The members may be older, but their political views is as uncompromising as ever. And the music is simple in-the-face punk rock, fitting the texts. I like it when bands or band members in old age are not gesetzter und entradikalisierter werden. The grievances remains, and you also have to neither ignore or weglächeln the age. In this respect, it is class mit THE BRISTLES eine aktuelle Politpunkband am Start zu wissen. “In the closet” is also a fun sing-along song, played in the old ’77-tradition. Even a Reggae-/Dub-Punk-Song, which I’m always is ready to listen to breaks through. The album was produced by Tommy Tift (SISTA SECONDS & VANNA InGeT). Micha -. (Heptown Records)


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