Review Underdog!

Translated from German to English:
The album title reflects an exaggeration, megalomania and narcissism, but is inspired by “It’s bigger than hip hop” from DEAD PREZ, HC_Rap a political band, which in turn were inspired by Malcolm X theme. So it is very much overlap in the hip hop and punk, which pick up THE bristles on the present album. Ultimately, the music in both case is a “revolutionary struggle”. THE bristles communicate with the voice of the weak and oppressed, and give the social political conflicts and problems emphasis when it comes to homophobia, capitalist exploitation (“privatization, Increased diversity politicians selling out public activities to themselves”; revolution of the rich), discrimination goes. Basically, violence is the central main topic, pick up the THE bristles and thus “Bigger than punk” are Geshen also a concept album, especially since almost every song we analyze why – drafted in general – is the violence as a phenomenon in society, domesticated in everyday life and in the process of aggression and violence control and regulation of the human society in the forms of institutionalized conflict no peace is possible.

THE bristles are angry, the man hears when singer Puma auskotzt about the modern barbarities. The structures have a total potential chaos sufficient to compensate for the conditions and circumstances strongly with aggression outbursts, just because more and more to enforce the law of the strengths, does not seem to ensure their own survival, but greed and envy is seen as formal law. “Spirit Way” falls in dub rhythm because of the context, but is also a work-up of drug abuse of individual band members and does the job at a moderate pace and self-critical reflection, which would be a HC sound insensitive and inappropriate. “Bigger than punk” is full of anger and self-confidence with which the “revolutionary struggle” is further strengthened.


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