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The Bristles ” Bigger Than Punk” Review

Swedish veterans The Bristles, who came back from the grave few years ago, are here with another new album after cca. 2 years. It basically follows the same direction as the previous record „Reflections Of The Bourgeois Society“. In that other words it means that you get another 11 pieces of pissed-off hardcore punk with lyrics full of anger and frustration, based on fucked up direction which took the western world. The Bristles are excellent example of one thing, some of us are just getting more and more pissed-off while getting older.

If I compare „Bigger than Punk“ to the previous LP, it’s much more darker, in the type of sound as well as in whole atmosphere of songs, and it ain’t anything bad about it. The Bristles serves again extremely angry a fast punk with hardcore spirit a lot of back-up vocals. After the comeback whole band took a lot of modern influences, so if you are familiar only with their 80’s stuff, don’t expect kind of retro, but totally contemporary sounding band keeping the same old spirit. The important thing that stays the same, is that these guys are still able to write catchy songs, with strong choruses, and they show it here repeatedlly. But on the other hand, there is still that spirit of political hardcore punk of the 80’s, in some kind of subliminal effect of the whole recording and it’s obvious in lyrics, clearly showing on which part of the barricade the band stands.

Title track „Bigger Than Punk“ is probably one of the most significant band’s songs and same could be told about third „The Great Wall Of Europe“.  After these two, follow parade of more or less catchy songs, where probably the strongest ones are, the slower „ In The Closet“ and lyrically more than actual and the nail on the head hitting „Revolution Of the Rich“. As the end is getting near, you will get little surprise in reggae song, which works excelently, even for me, and I’m not big reggae fan hahaha. The end of the record comes with perfect, d-beat fueled song with symptomatic title „The End“.

Personally, I like the previous LP probably little bit more. But it’s still comparing two really high quality recordings to each other and it’s probably just matter of personal taste which one you will sounds better to you. I still enjoy The Bristles as much as I did in the 80’s.


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