New video & single

Home Is Where The Danger Is (Home Sweet Home) is the new video from the upcoming single from The Bristles.

The song is about domestic violence. Most violence in society is domestic violence, and it affects children, women and elderly.

Domestic violence in Sweden

Sex crimes
17 000 cases of sex crimes were reported in 2011.
98 percent of the suspects were male.
80 percent of the victims were women.
81 percent of the sex crimes are unreported.
Actually reported rapes that lead to prosecution was only 14 percent.

Assaults against women
27 972 cases of assaults against women were reported in 2011.
In 60 percent of the reported assaults against women the victim knew the offender. It’s 16 695 cases.
In 45 percent of the reported assaults against women the offender were the husband, boyfriend or ex-such. It’s 12 471 cases.

In average 17 women are killed by their husband, boyfriend or ex-such every year. This means that one woman is murdered every third week.

Globally a fifth of all women are victims of rape or attempted rape in their lifetime.

Support your local women’s shelter.

2013 03 08
The Bristles

Sources: Brå Brottsutvecklingen i Sverige år 2008–2011, NTU 2012.



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