A new video & single

This is the video to the new single “the American Dream”, DIY-style of course, the song is from the album “Bigger than Punk”, the title borrowed from Dead Prez, released in the fall of 2012. The song and the video contains facts and criticism of the United States, as obvious as widely ignored.
Live footage: Franz Angel Piss

MAY 16 + Fler band – Feelgood, Halden
MAY 17 – UFFA Festival Trondheim, Norway
MAY 18 + Burning Kitchen – Blitz, Oslo, Norway
JULY 11 – Landskronakarnivalen, Sweden
JULY 12 – Punk Cooperative Festival. Bromölla, Sweden
JULY 13 – Häng Bar, Malmö, Sweden
JULY 26-28 – Force Attack Festival, outside Rostock, Germany
AUGUST 2-3 – Hygget Festival, Sweden
SEP 28 – TBA, Sweden


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