A christmas single/video and a christmas appeal

Christmas Appeal

Landskrona, December 23, 2013

Christmas is the most important period for the retail trade. It particularly points to the hyped consumerism beginning earlier and earlier every year. In Sweden the trade fell marginally Christmas 2012 after having increased for 17 consecutive years. The forecast for 2013 is that it will increase once again. In December 2012 the retail trade turnover was SEK 65 billion (approximately EUR 6.5 billion). For example, the toy trade turnover was 25 percent of the annual, bookstore and electronics trade 16 and 15 percent respectively.

But it’s not just the retail trade that hits record on Christmas. So do heart attacks, alcohol poisonings and suicides, with what all that it brings, all related to this Western, Christian feast.


from the Bristles, to you all

a Merry Christmas

Press Release

 Svindel records Christmas record with the Bristles

Each artist with self respect is recording Christmas songs. Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd, who has released two, to name a few. Now the Swedish punk rockers the Bristles also join this crowd.

It’s the Norwegian label Svindel records who release the Christmas record with the Bristles versions of Schlagers Christmas single from 1980, Anders F Rönnbloms Det är inte snön som faller (It’s Not Snow That’s Falling) and Ebba Gröns Nu slocknar tusen människoliv (Now Thousand Lives Fades Away).

– We thought it was appropriate to bring a different perspective on this feast, says Svegis, the band’s guitarist. The pc-critical perspective which, although obvious, drowns in the peddlers praise to consumerism.

The record is released on vinyl, but will also be available digitally on Spotify and similar services. The songs will also be available for downloading at PirateBay.

– We choose the songs we cover with great care. Last time we did the Swedish National Anthem, Ebba Gröns Beväpna er (Arm Yourself). So when we discussed Christmas songs the songs on Schlagers Christmas record from 1980, Anders F Rönnbloms Det är inte snön som faller och Ebba Gröns Nu släckas tusen människoliv, became natural choices. They’re both classic Christmas songs.

The record is released with a video made by the Zander brothers. It also includes a Christmas appeal from the band, and a tale from the archive of the Swedish Employers Central Organisation: The tale of the old woman who bought too little.

Landskrona, December 23, 2013

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