A review from Scanner Web Zine

ScannerWebZine_logoBRISTLES, THE – Last Days Of Capitalism {Heptown}

Hard-fucking-hitting Hardcore Punk with hard-fucking-hitting lyrics. The band is from Sweden and has cranked out 12 tracks that rage like POISON IDEA playing CONFLICT and brought bang up to date with that thick, production associated with BORN/DEAD or even TRAGEDY. Highlights are plenty ‘Viva Fake (Punk On Sale)’ pulls no punches and simply roars, ‘Last Time We Won’t Do That Again, Chief’ is a straight ahead Punk rocker and even adds a bit of humour while ‘Men’s Global War On Women’ addresses male violence against women. Best track though goes to ‘No Revolution In Our Life Time’ that kicks off with a circus parade before hitting with relentless drums and a wall-of-sound guitar barrage. There are neat little samples between the songs (including The Munsters kicking it all off before ‘Hate In Vain’ tramples in) and the CD version includes a whopping nine bonus tracks from previous releases that veer from melodic Punk to dark, grizzled ‘core. Full lyrics included. A brutal record that wallops a lot of ‘real Punk’ and yet doesn’t quite get to Crust and steers clear of macho meathead Metalcore.


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