Upcoming review in Plastic Bomb

PlasticBomb“A Review in the upcoming issue of Plastic Bomb Fanzine issue 94, which will be out on 1st of march 2016, translated into english.”

BRISTLES „Last days of Capitalism“ LP
(Civilization Records)
The swedish heroes of my youth are back again with a new monstrous D-Beat LP! Back in 1983 this band release the “Don´t give up” 7”, which feature some excellent hardcore punk music as well as some upright and fierce lyrics. But only after a few years they broke up in the 80´s, whereasthe band reformed in 2008.

And short after their new start they continued writing new songs and the BRISTLES are already releasing with “Last days of Capitalism” their 3rd new album since they got reformed.

The BRISTLES are playing such an outstanding thick fat D-Beat Edge, that I almost can´t handle it! The re-cording sounds so damn darn blazing and rough, so that almost the lute vibrates out of my stereo-sound boxes!! And the BRISTLES are officially allowed to play this type of sound, as during the early 80´s it´s been THEM who created the sound, along with bands like ANTI-CIMEX, AVSKUM, HEADCLEANERS and SHITLICKERS. These bands belong all the very same bandpool-mishpoke! But the BRISTLES just don´t bethink themselves on their old days, but on this new record it´s easy to recognize that they are trying to create a new crunchy modern version of the D-Beat.

And the BRISTLES are also a band, who is able to lyrically repack some old topics in a fresh intelligent way and who are ready to come up with some clear statements. Whereas the topics here are for example the mass-consumerism in the western world, the global war on woman, as well as the intrigues of the multinational cooperations, who are led by some suit-wearing wankers, who believe that profit maximization is more worth than a human life.

The BRISTLES don´t newly reinvent the D-Beat-wheel, but I´m much more than happy about the way how crispy and fresh they are playing the already aging sound. This one´s a real hardcore punk smasher!


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