BOYS WILL BE BOYS EP 7″ re-press

thebristlesboyswillbeboysep_frontBeställ av oss i bandet ÅTERPRESS
BOYS WILL BE BOYS EP 7″ vinyl singel
(Three different versions are available (all in a fold-out cover with original but updated artwork and lyric insert):
60 sv kr INKL FRAKT
40 sv kr
BLÅ eller GULD (extra omslag) VINYL
70 sv kr INKL FRAKT
50 sv kr
8214-9 (clearing)
754 414 121-6
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New video and single

framifran_omslagNew video and single “sweden, where god only comes to shit” out today September 16 on Heptown Records. The song is from the album “Last days of capitalism”.

In the autumn of 2015 the Swedish government proclaimed Refugees welcome, when other European countries said wouldn’t give refugees shelter. A couple of months later the same government changed the politics to the opposite and executed the strictest migration policy in the EU under the pretence it needed a respite. The Fascists rightly accused the Social Democratic government for stealing their politics. So now Sweden’s got Nazis patrolling the streets, “protecting Swedish women”, when they’re not beating the same women to death. Refugee camps are set on fire, beggars and asylum seekers are being beaten. According to the poll the Fascists now get around 15 percent of the votes.

Sweden Sep 16 2016
the Bristles

Hösten 2015 uttalade den socialdemokratiska regeringen, till skillnad från flera andra europeiska länder, att flyktingar var välkomna hit. Några månader senare ändrade samma regering denna politik till dess motsats, och verkställde den stramaste migrationspolitiken i EU under förevändning att den behövde andrum. Fascisterna anklagade korrekt regeringen för att ha stulit deras politik. Så nu har vi nazister som patrullerar gator, för att “skydda svenska kvinnor”, när de inte slår ihjäl samma kvinnor. Flyktingförläggningar brinner, tiggare och flyktingar misshandlas. Enligt SIFO får fascisterna nu runt 15 procent av väljarnas röster.

Sweden Sep 16 2016
the Bristles

Re-release of the single/EP “Don’t give up”

THE BRISTLES (swe) – EP | Don´t Give Up – (2016) – THREAT 003
(legendary Early Eigthies Hardcore, Raw Punk band from Sweden, official re-release of their debut EP from 1983 done on BRISTLES PUNK AND SKIN RECORDS, Sweden)
325 copies on Black vinyl
100 copies on Bronze vinyl
100 copies on Piss Yellow / Kelly Green Splatter vinyl, comes with extra inlay cover (Black print on Silver cardboard)


New video / free download single

No Revolution In Our Life Time
Video by Michael Levin

Times truly out of mind when old anti-fascists become “critical of immigration”, organizations to the left is fishing in murky waters and those who believe that the distribution of resources between the classes is the problem, not the refugees, must run the gauntlet. Unfortunately, just like in the 80s yuppie era, 90’s sale of public property and services, and 2000s cutbacks, that when its needed more than ever, the left has gone into hiding.

Det har sannerligen gått långt då gamla anti-fascister blir “invandrarkritiska”, vänsterorganisationer fiskar i grumliga vatten och de som anser att resursfördelningen mellan klasser är problemet, inte flyktingar, får löpa gatlopp. Tyvärr, precis som på 80-talets yuppie-era, 90-talets utförsäljning av allmän egendom och verksamheter, och 2000-talets nedskärningar, att då den hade behövts som bäst, så lyser vänstern med sin frånvaro.


International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016 – new single/video

GENDERCIDE_6New single/video Men’s global war on women (gendercide)

International Women’s Day, 8 March 2016

Men’s war against women is global. It doesn’t matter whether it is war or peace, democracy or dictatorship: It’s an oppression of women. Most of the poor are women, most of the wealthy are men. The inequality is quite clear when what’s invested in gender equality work or for the improvement of women’s situation merely is a piss in the ocean in comparison with military spending as an example. Men’s violence against women is by far what causes the most casualties in our world.

The Bristles March 8, 2016



22 april Bristles Crude SS Rövsvett Kafe 44, Stockholm, Swe
23 april Krimtänk Bristles Crude SS Rövsvett Insikten Jönköping, Swe


Upcoming review in Plastic Bomb

PlasticBomb“A Review in the upcoming issue of Plastic Bomb Fanzine issue 94, which will be out on 1st of march 2016, translated into english.”

BRISTLES „Last days of Capitalism“ LP
(Civilization Records)
The swedish heroes of my youth are back again with a new monstrous D-Beat LP! Back in 1983 this band release the “Don´t give up” 7”, which feature some excellent hardcore punk music as well as some upright and fierce lyrics. But only after a few years they broke up in the 80´s, whereasthe band reformed in 2008.

And short after their new start they continued writing new songs and the BRISTLES are already releasing with “Last days of Capitalism” their 3rd new album since they got reformed.

The BRISTLES are playing such an outstanding thick fat D-Beat Edge, that I almost can´t handle it! The re-cording sounds so damn darn blazing and rough, so that almost the lute vibrates out of my stereo-sound boxes!! And the BRISTLES are officially allowed to play this type of sound, as during the early 80´s it´s been THEM who created the sound, along with bands like ANTI-CIMEX, AVSKUM, HEADCLEANERS and SHITLICKERS. These bands belong all the very same bandpool-mishpoke! But the BRISTLES just don´t bethink themselves on their old days, but on this new record it´s easy to recognize that they are trying to create a new crunchy modern version of the D-Beat.

And the BRISTLES are also a band, who is able to lyrically repack some old topics in a fresh intelligent way and who are ready to come up with some clear statements. Whereas the topics here are for example the mass-consumerism in the western world, the global war on woman, as well as the intrigues of the multinational cooperations, who are led by some suit-wearing wankers, who believe that profit maximization is more worth than a human life.

The BRISTLES don´t newly reinvent the D-Beat-wheel, but I´m much more than happy about the way how crispy and fresh they are playing the already aging sound. This one´s a real hardcore punk smasher!

Review FEAR AND LOATHING fanzine

fearandloathingTHE BRISTLES. Last days of Capitalism CD (Heptown)
The Bristles were one of the seminal Swedish hardcore bands, initially influenced by UK bands like GBH and The Exploited, but quickly developing a much heavier sound, more in line with harder US bands like Poison Idea and Septic Death. Their original incarnation lasted from 1982-85 and, typical of many punk bands of that time, their line-up was volatile and eventually split due both to their nihilistic approach and arguments over musical direction. A one-off reunion took place in 1996, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the band was reinstated as an ongoing project. During that time, they’ve released two albums of new material and several EPs and singles.

Now, their latest has arrived and it really is one of the finest European hardcore records I’ve ever heard. Short, abrasive anthems (there’s an Oi influence in there as well) with lyrics that attack the vicious capitalism that seems to be engulfing the West to the detriment of it’s own people, and all put together with a clear, powerful production that really forces their point across. Lyrics are provided in English to explain their intent, and this CD version also includes bonus tracks from several recent vinyl-only EPs, making this a very complete package.

The thing that makes The Bristles so effective is the fact that, alongside their brutal delivery, they’re not shy of a good melody or two, happy to let you enjoy the music at the same time that it’s pummelling you. Very few bands ever manage to get that balance right. This is just a great punk rock album and I can only recommend it to any fan of the raw power ethic.