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The Bristles – “Last Days of Capitalism” (CD/LP 2015)

The Bristles – “Val?” (EP 2014)

The Bristles – The American Dream Single/Download (2013)

LYRICS “Bigger Than Punk” (click here)

PRESS PICTURE 1 (Pic :Thomas H Johnsson)

PRESS PICTURE 2 (Pic :Thomas H Johnsson)

PRESS RELEASE “Bigger Than Punk” – In Swedish
Download PDF

PRESS RELEASE “Bigger Than Punk” – In English
Download PDF

PRESS COVER “Bigger Than Punk” – high resolution

PRESS COVER “Bigger Than Punk” – low resolution

The Bristles – Bigger Than Punk CD/LP/Download (2012)

The Bristles – “Bristles spelar Ebba” Beväpna er / We’re only in it for the Drugs No. 2 – 7″ single/download (2011)

The Bristles – “Malmö 26” (from the EP “Union Bashing State (2009)

The Bristles – “No Future In The Past Part 1 The Best And The Rest – LP sampler

The Bristles – “Boys Will Be Boys” EP –  7″ single (1984)

The Bristles – “Don’t Give Up” EP – 7″ single (1983)

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