Re-issue of the “Ban The Punkshops” tape

Re-issue of the “Ban The Punkshops” tape (1983)
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AFTERMATH TAPES PROUDLY PRESENTS : The official AT: 004. The Bristles 1983 “Ban the Punkshops” tape repress on Aftermath tapes from Croatia OUT NOW !!!!!! , approved by the band members and Ägg tapes. It’s an ultimate classic of the early 80’s Swedish mid tempo hc in the vein like Noncens, Sötlimpa, E.A.T.E.R. , Existenz, Moderat Likvidation, Anti- Cimex or Asta Kask ……….. No need for any further introduction, this tape is a cult release of the 1980’s Swedish and international Hardcore punk scene………….15-tracks Pro dubbed and limited to 100 tapes ( 50 yellow and 50 red with pad print ) the price is 3 dollars wholesale or 5 dollars for one tape + shipping



Review in MRR #381- “Val?” EP

Review in MaximumRockNRoll #381 FEBRUARY 2015
Excellent, unrelenting D-Beat and punk from Sweden’s the BRISTLES. This thing is over in a flash (seven minutes tops, maybe?) but there’s not a wasted second in any of these songs. All the songs are related to the recent Swedish elections and all of ’em are pissed as shit. Totally fucking killer. (Greg)
(5-song cassette, lyrics included,