New album to the autumm

The Swedish raw punk band the Bristles will be recording a new album this summer. The CD will be released by HepTown Records. The band is looking for partners for the LP version.
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The recording will as usual take place in Studio Motion in Malmö. The release will be autumn 2015.

Working title for the album is “Last Days of Capitalism” and the lyrics will largely revolve around the crisis of capitalism, fascism which is spreading and the normalization of chauvinism in among others the form of assaults on the poor. Musically, the album will pick up where Val? -EP left off, and be harder and more intense than ever.



“Finally, we start playing and I think there were about five people there at the most. They stood all the way back at the bar in the darkness and observed us. It made me mad, but I played anyway. After the show, Dukowski took me out to the parking lot and straightened me out on a few things. He told me that even though there were only a few people there, it didn’t matter. They were there to see us and that was good enough. He said that you never pull a bullshit attitude onstage and you always play your ass off or don’t play at all.”
(Rollins, Get in the Van, On the Road with Black Flag.)